Paisyn Anderson

Archives February 2023

The Hobbies That Make Me, Me

There’s nothing I like more than my free time, when I get to do the things I love like dancing and just hanging out

Look ma’ I’m flying!
Future star of Swan Lake?
Practice makes perfect
Gotta have a tune to dance to
Is this thing on?
2 pretty ladies, having fun on the water
I feel like the bell of the ball
Paisyn the music master
Where did I put that magic hat for my snowman?
Having fun in the sun
Time for a dip with my Honey Man!
Blast off!
I even have fun helping my grandpa work
Little Paisyn meets Bigfoot
Happy Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, we all like to look our best, and I’m no exception!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year
My black Halloween cat
Making delicious treats with my dad and nana
Family Time

My family is very important to me, so why wouldn’t I want to show them off?

My mom, dad, aunt Dreama, Nana and Poppi. I’m hanging with mom still.
Uncle Lee is my favorite cowboy!
Aunt Holly and Uncle Don. Watch out Holly, I’m almost as tall as you. 😉
Auntie Dreama and Uncle Malcolm.
Auntie Dreama n Mom
Daddy likes to play
My Icky Gigi
My Nana makes me smile
Mom and me, but I haven’t come out to say hi yet.
Poppi’s head is soooo much bigger than mine
Me and my Honey Man
A Princess and a Queen
Poppi n’ me watch SCI FI movies and then talk about them at Yellow house
Princess Paisyn
My Days In Diapers

From opening my eyes for the first time, to taking my first steps, my first days were some of the most exciting, and as you can see my future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! On this post you’ll find all the pictures from my earliest days as I learn and grow, doing my best to explore the world around me, and get to know this blue marble that we all share.

I’m brand new here.
Who’s cuter, me or the puppies?
Going to the fair. How come I’m always ready first.
My party dress
Got the pearls…where’s the ROCKS?!
Come on folks; it’s BATH time.