Paisyn Anderson


  • The Hobbies That Make Me, Me
    There’s nothing I like more than my free time, when I get to do the things I love like dancing and just hanging out
  • Happy Holidays
    When it comes to the holidays, we all like to look our best, and I’m no exception!
  • Family Time
    My family is very important to me, so why wouldn’t I want to show them off?
  • My Days In Diapers
    From opening my eyes for the first time, to taking my first steps, my first days were some of the most exciting, and as you can see my future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! On this post you’ll find all the pictures from my earliest days as I learn and grow, doing my best… Read more: My Days In Diapers
  • Welcome to Paisyn’s Blog
    This is my blog! Check back here for updates soon!